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VDA Volume 16 - Decorative Surfaces of External Fittings Publication

VDA Volume 16 - Decorative Surfaces of External Fittings Publication

We would like to emphasize that this VDA publication does not constitute a new surface specification for appearance-dependent surface parts.


This VDA publication is rather intended as a communication instrument to support the crucial exchange between suppliers and customers in the manifold supply relations within the various automotive-supply chains with regard to the need to clearly define the characteristic attributes for all appearance-dependent surface characteristics.


Its purpose is, in the absence of clear specifications for the tolerated degree of surface-relevant characteristics for any product category, in or on the automobile, to initiate communication between OEM and supplier. To achieve 100%-quality or zero-defect supplier performance and a corresponding evaluation in the product audit or product approval procedure, it is crucially important to specify all relevant decorative surface characteristics in a reproducible and, to the extent possible, quantifiable manner.  This serves to create clarity in the basic conditions both for customers and suppliers with regard to the quality that is to be expected/implemented.


VDA Publication 16 is also intended to alert to the existence of defect slip-through rates due to physiological causes, particularly for surface inspections that can only be performed at a human-visual level.



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