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UPDATED: This diagram is applicable for VDA 6.3:2023. Please note that effective from October 2021 the VDA no longer issue physical auditor cards. Your certificate serves as proof.

At least three (3) years of industrial experience, of which at least one (1) year is in a quality-related field of activity.

Knowledge of ISO 19011, management systems, customer-specific requirements, and software development processes.

Complete and pass ID415 OR

ID417 if evidence of very good knowledge of the core tools and methods OR

another minimum 2-day Core Tools course (2019 or later) + the VDA Core Tools Quiz

Complete and pass the

4-day ID381 course.

Qualified INTERNAL Process Auditor

Abstract Bubbles

Getting your VDA 6.3 certification is crucial for contributing to upholding the quality management systems of suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. 

Once you have received the necessary VDA 6.3 training, you will be capable of accurately assessing the processes, documentation, and practices required to ensure compliance and maintain the high-quality standards of the automotive industry.

VDA 6.3 training and accreditation are essential for the following reasons:

 Ensuring Compliance

Upholding quality standards is essential for companies to maintain their status as approved suppliers to automotive manufacturers.

Not only does this protect the reputation of the industry, but it also ensures the safety of drivers who use the finished product on the road. It is a way for the industry to take responsibility, and therefore the training and accreditation should be treated with reverence.

Enhances Quality

Better quality products with fewer defects mean a more successful automotive industry and safer end consumers. As a trained VDA 6.3 auditor, you will be capable of identifying areas where companies need to improve their processes or documentation to meet better quality standards. 

This ultimately benefits suppliers and customers and enhances the industry as a whole.

Facilitates Continuous Improvement

A key part of the reason that VDA 6.3 certification exists is to produce auditors who can emphasize continuous improvement in supplier quality management systems. 

It is not only an auditor's job to assess compliance; it is also necessary to find areas where companies can improve further. Having a feedback loop of this nature can foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout the industry, leading to enhanced efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately a more satisfied customer base.

Ensures Supply Competence

The role of a VDA 6.3 certification is to facilitate supplier competence by providing auditors who can accurately evaluate supplier quality management systems. This helps automotive manufacturers make more informed decisions regarding which suppliers they partner with, ensuring the overall quality and reliability of the automotive supply chain and benefiting the industry as well as the customer.

ENCONA | Becoming a VDA 6.3 Auditor | Process For Qualification and Certification

ENCONA | Becoming a VDA 6.3 Auditor | Process For Qualification and Certification | Are you unsure about the requirements for becoming a qualified or certified VDA 6.3 Process Auditor? Use this handy flowchart to understand the requirements!

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