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A VIRTUAL SKIN THAT BLANKETS REALITY. Allowing you to interact with a physical environment.

remote management   |   remote support   |   remote maintenance   |   remote training   |   remote audits

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noun: the real place, the place where the actual work is done

use: now adopted in management terminology to mean the ‘workplace’ or the place where value is added

in manufacturing it usually refers to the shop or factory floor

example: to take a genba walk on the floor



GENBA is the key to transporting people from anywhere into the same room, enabling remote management, remote maintenance, remote support and reducing travel.

  • Meet in a company-branded meeting space

  • Have a digital twin of the plant on the table in front of you

  • Bring people from the factory into the meeting and view the factory from their video feed

  • Work through the process and problem-solve with integrated tools


GENBA is a fully functional virtual reality space entered via goggles, computer, or a smartphone - from anywhere in the world. A complete skin that blankets your physical assets to interface with your factories and people.


It will revolutionize the way you do business.

  • Customize your platform with our modular approach

  • Design your virtual campus where you can meet your colleagues with full body tracking and immersive 3D audio

  • Create a digital twin of your production sites

  • Incorporate data and video feeds from the production floor into the virtual campus

  • Create training rooms and bring people from different cities into your training sessions

instantly enter ANY factory from ANYwhere

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ENCONA | Genba Platform | Virtual Classrooms

The GENBA CLASSROOM is a fully functional virtual reality classroom that will allow your participants to enter a learning space from anywhere in the world.


They will have twins of themselves in the environment and will be able to stand, sit, wave, talk, laugh, and be in a space as if they were in a real room. With completely immersive 3D sound there is no real difference between a real room and a virtual room.

With a screen to project from and share slides and documents, it matches a classroom.


When you start being able to use virtual assets you can interact with, this becomes more than a classroom. This will turn your event into a special experience.

virtual classroom

ENCONA | Genba Platform | Factory Floor Portal

Virtual Reality is all set to eliminate the barrier between the physical and virtual world in the upcoming years. VR tech has allowed industries to operate on a supra-level i.e. enhancing sales and profits by reducing the need for real-time human effort. AR and VR applications are being adopted to improve manufacturing. AR has helped make user experience and results a whole lot better by impacting IoT, manufacturing, and supply chain management – the three important aspects around which manufacturing revolves.


Decrease downtime and provide on-the-job training, allowing single experts to cover more plants.


A clear understanding of physical problems that allows live real-time data for better, faster decisions.


Reduce travel time and related costs while making the most of white-collar headcount.

factory floor portal


Integrate GENBA into your everyday business needs:

  • We create digital twins of your sites and incorporate them into the platform

  • We bring data and video feeds from the production floor into the virtual campus.

  • Meet your colleagues with full body tracking and immersive 3D audio.

  • We design management meeting spaces with integrated live data.


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