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ENCONA | Academy | Production



When you want to create digital learning content, think ENCONA.

We produce high-quality content - tailored to our clients' needs, closely aligned with leading learning methodologies planned out by our team, and host it on our or your digital learning platform.

Most of our customers complain that digitizing their content is cumbersome as the organizations they work with do not understand the concepts they are trying to convey.


We are currently the only automotive & aerospace consulting & training firm with advanced content production capabilities, positioning us uniquely to help you develop your organization's online learning capabilities with as little disruption as possible.



ENCONA | Academy | Learning | Linear Media

Interview & Presentation Style Videos

PowerPoint & Scribe Style Videos

Animated Videos with or without Voiceovers

Document Lessons

Text, Infographics & Images

Sound Lessons


ENCONA | Academy | Learning | Interactive Media

Interactive Simulation Lessons

Virtual Reality & Gamification

Branch & Scenario Videos

Custom Developed Applications


ENCONA | Academy | Learning | Assessments

Collaboration Tools

Hotspots & Knowledge Checkers

Forums, Surveys & Polls

Examinations & Certifications

Our learning methodology underpins every aspect of curriculum design and production concepts.

Post-production we are able to offer a fully functional online learning platform designed to upskill your workforce rapidly, create awareness of your brand & vision and to measure the operational impact of your training efforts.  


Furthermore, we are able to provide a virtual reality tool to bring the classroom to you, no matter where you are in the world, with all the elements and emotion of being in the same room.