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An integrated, modular suite of software solutions to support and enable manufacturing excellence through continuous improvement.

FMEA   |   SPC   |   MSA   |   OEE   |   CAPA

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Implementing continuous improvement in factories can be a major challenge for the manufacturing sector.


Integration between systems and departments is key, including:

  • Shopfloor and management integration

  • Full product lifecycle integration, from design to manufacture

  • IT systems integration, such as ERP & MES


The DataLyzer system was pioneered over 40 years ago and is continuously developed to support Industry 4.0 possibilities. It provides an integrated, modular solution for FMEA, SPC, FAI and MSA, that fully maps to the APQP/PPAP process with OEE capability, and has global presence and support. The system supports compliance with various regulations (e.g. ITAR and DFARS) and standards (e.g. ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 13100, RM 13004 and HACCP), and is used by manufacturers in various industries, including automotive, aerospace & defence, food & beverages, consumer goods, packaging, pharmaceuticals & medical devices, electronics and semi-conductors. 

Datalyzer helps manufacturers to more easily manage their underlying processes by revealing action plans for engineers, critical parameters for managers and statuses of critical items.  



minimize production variation in real-time

A comprehensive, flexible and powerful Statistical Process Control (SPC) software package designed to simplify the tasks of real-time data collection and charting.



  • Minimal learning curve and easily understandable training.

  • Full and complex setup of a complete manufacturing plant in just a few days.

  • Efficient data collection from various data sources including full functionality in a dynamic link library.

  • Programmable shop floor screens customized to the operators’ needs.

  • Quick and powerful analysis, reports and dashboards for managers and engineers.

  • Performance reports for top management.

  • Automatic reports, including:

    • First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

    • Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR)

    • Production Part Approval Process Report (PPAP)



minimize measurement system error

Gage instruments, inspection techniques and fixturing can introduce variation in a measuring system, which is then reflected as part of total process variation in the SPC analysis and negatively impacts key quality statistics like Cpk, Ppk, Ppm etc.


  • Gage Calibration and Bias Studies (Calibration software)
    - complete functionality for internal or external calibration of gages and required features like printing calibration labels

  • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies (MSA software)
    - quantifies this measurement system variation and provides the required information for reducing it.

  • Supplier Records 
    (sourcing for supplies, replacement and repair)


  • Flexible system to setup and perform calibration studies and show calibration studies.

  • Complete system for MSA studies including all IATF reports.

  • Central tracking and monitoring of calibration and R&R studies.

  • Integration of Calibration software, MSA software and SPC software in one database.



risk assessment during product and process design

The Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) process ensures that products, processes or detection techniques are constantly improved upon.

DataLyzer FMEA can operate as a stand-alone module or link to DataLyzer SPC software.


Continuous feedback and data exchanges ensure that FMEAs and Control Plans are truly living documents.


  • Time savings on preparing process flows, FMEAs and control plans.

  • Accurate knowledge registration due to the structured setup.

  • Efficient action follow-ups.

  • Fewer problems during customer or system audits.

  • More time for true process improvement, rather than simply running the FMEA system.

  • DataLyzer fully supports the new harmonized AIAG-VDA FMEA system.



reduce machine downtime and increase production line efficiency

A powerful real-time module ranging from manual downtime registration to fully automatic registration of machines via sensors, and open platform communications to obtain the necessary information from your machines.

Data acquisition for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and SPC will typically go hand-in-hand, via one Datalyzer interface, as an OEE system is essential to push for very reliable lead times with the lowest cost, and customers require to SPC measurements according to the control plan.


  • An OEE system is essential to push for very reliable lead times with the lowest cost. At the same time customers require SPC measurements according to the control plan e.g. every 5th product, and provide capability reports according to TS16949 requirements.

  • Process characteristics might offer an early warning system for downtimes. If the cycle time is going to vary this might be an early warning sign for downtimes and bad quality. An integrated SPC and OEE solution can provide the tools to analyze correlations between process characteristics and production downtimes.



take action and prevent recurrence

Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA) is a crucial component for any organization’s quality management and continuous improvement system.


Improvements to process are made by taking actions at different levels in response to events and situations, to eliminate the recurrences of undesirable events.

This module allows users to create and track workflows, actions, signoffs and additional documentation with extensive flexibility in defining each step in the CAPA.



  • A central management tool and dashboard that tracks all CAPA.

  • Integration with SPC, OEE and FMEA to automatically create CAPA.

  • Fewer problems during customer or system audits.

The solutions are engineered to import data automatically from a variety of sources and can be implemented on any database platform, to be used as a browser-based or as an on-premise installed application.


The system is built on a deep understanding of customers’ problems and innovative solutions that have empowered corporations to dominate their markets and achieve excellence. It is a flexible and scalable solution that enables customers to:

  • start with a single-station, single module

  • expand to a plant-wide integrated solution

  • and support a company-wide network with users in multiple locations




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