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Industry 4.0 in the Supply Chain: How ENCONA Positively Impacts Your Organization’s Future

Updated: Mar 18

As companies seek continual improvement in their operations and the various services delivered to their customers, more research is going into how these objectives can be achieved. In the last few decades, this kind of research has allowed for the Internet of Things (IoT) to be introduced in different industrial scenarios. This industry revolution, dubbed “Industry 4.0” or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, has changed several concepts in the way different supply chain companies conduct their day-to-day processes by increasing the use of data to inform decisions and practices. Such companies are now more responsive to their customers' needs and expectations by employing the use of the IoT. The following are several ways in which the supply chain industry is adopting the use of electronic business process optimization in Industry 4.0. 

Leveraging Business Opportunities

Companies in the supply chain have started appreciating the importance of continual data collection and analysis, as well as the use of such data to inform their processes. Through the IoT, companies can continuously collect large amounts of data from the market, analyze the data, and identify key patterns that inform critical business decisions. This enables companies to optimize their operations in a swift and efficient way from the knowledge of the aspects that need to be acted on faster.

Optimization of Logistics and Supply Chains

Through the IoT, various supply chains are well connected and constantly sharing information. Companies are leveraging such connections to ensure that supply chains are flexible and that they can adjust to accommodate changes in the process in a bid to meet the market demands. For instance, if external conditions cause a delay in the delivery of products, companies can leverage the network to change the delivery approach and enhance the same.

Use of the Cloud

As mentioned, one of the key drivers of Industry 4.0 is the IoT. The use of cloud computing makes this possible by ensuring the safe storage of data and the use of that data to optimize various equipment and operations. Through cloud computing, companies throughout the supply chain are enabled to access technologies that would be more strenuous for them to access using different means.

How ENCONA is Changing Industry 4.0 for the Better

ENCONA’s tech platform, GENBA, consists of a group of Industry 4.0 technologies that enable an organization or person to be fully engaged more conveniently than before. We are implementing this technology in large industrial organizations as a custom-built solution.

Our industrial applications include a digital learning platform and a virtual reality portal. The digital learning platform allows organizations to build their own synchronous or asynchronous learning environments consisting of their own desired content. The VR portal allows organizations to create a new system by blanketing physical assets to interface with the manufacturing floor and operators, no matter where in the world the organization is headquartered. Also, with our technology, organizations can visualize process losses easily using predictive analytics to better manage machine and process downtime. Feedback is not only visual, but it is immediate, alleviating the need for additional data analysis. All data is stored via cloud computing.

At ENCONA we provide industrial applications to bring your boardroom and factory together instantly, and we help you to easily navigate the way toward Industry 4.0.

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Article contributed by Alecia M. Gabriel

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