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VDA QMC Licensee Partner Meeting 2019

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The ENCONA team had a great time at the VDA QMC Licence Partner meeting in Berlin. It was an engaging event, a cut above anything we have done before. We thank the VDA team for letting Hans Trunkenpolz and myself share a little of our story and our ideas with the VDA world. This conference really highlighted the desire of the training industry to find new solutions for delivering engaging and immersive high-quality content to our customers that can be absorbed anywhere, while still acknowledging that the trainer will always be an integral part of any great training solution to convey experience and imparting knowledge to our delegates. Thanks to Yuliya Dr. Prakopchyk and Teresa Mueller-Ott and the team at VDA QMC for an excellent event.

VDA QMC Licensee Partner Meeting 2019

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