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Product Integrity - Training for Everyone

Updated: May 12, 2022

All employees must be aware of product integrity within the scope of their activities. It is a general misunderstanding that only the Product Safety and Conformity Representative is responsible for the fulfillment of product integrity-related requirements... But according to the principles of product integrity, all employees are responsible within their scope of activities and should be trained!

Product integrity means that the product meets all legitimate safety-related expectations and complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. German OEMs mandate their suppliers to implement and apply requirements defined in the VDA Volume “Product Integrity”. Product integrity requirements must be applied throughout the entire supply chain, from the carmaker to the material suppliers. What challenges do companies face?

Fulfillment of this requirement...

  • is time-consuming because employees need to be taken from their daily work

  • requires complicated organization of groups of employees needing to be collected in training rooms

  • is difficult as competent trainers are not easily obtainable

  • is complicated due to different target groups

Why choose this course?

  • Easily Accessible: available for everyone via a computer or smartphone with an internet connection

  • Different Target Groups: modular structure assures the appropriate content on all organizational levels

  • Effectiveness Evaluation: built-in tests verify understanding

  • Training Evidence: certificate upon successful completion

How is this course structured? The core concept of this training is that employees work in different positions within an organization and therefore need to receive only the subject material related to their role. Therefore the 19 submodules are grouped into 4 training types, according to the different target groups:

  • Operators

  • Managers

  • Sales

  • Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, and Auditors

The submodules included are:

Each training type includes short videos, animations, and multiple-choice tests which lead to a general understanding of Product Integrity that is relevant to the individuals within a given target group.

How much is this course?

As the main purpose of this course is to provide training for everyone within an organization, pricing will depend on the number of employees accessing the course.

Corporate pricing varies from 12 to 45 USD per user per year (plus VAT/taxes), the more employees you add the lower the average price you pay.

  • 1 user = 45USD per year

  • 2-10 users = 39USD per user per year

  • 11-50 users = 32USD per user per year

  • 51-100 users = 24USD per user per year

  • 101-500 users = 14USD per user per year

  • 501+ users = 12USD per user per year

For more information or a formal quotation please contact, or sign up online:

This course was produced by ENCONA and QFD Engineering Consulting Office Ltd. Both companies are proud official license partners of the VDA QMC. The course presenters are Dr Alecia M. Gabriel (English) and Andras Viktor Szabo (Hungarian).

NOTE: this training does not replace the 2-day product integrity training mandated for PSCRs.
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